You would like to have a website that meets your company’s needs? To ensure that your website is developed according to those needs and that your clientele’s expectations are met, you need a solution adapted to your marketing strategy. With a customized design reflecting your brand image, we can create a responsive website allowing you to use the incredible advantages of the Internet while showcasing not only your products and services, but also the many possibilities offered by e-commerce.

Take a look at our customized work and contact us to meet with one of our Web specialists. Your solution to getting your company online!



Have you thought about taking advantage of our affordable plans to own your own responsive website? Created with a design that reflects your company’s imagine, your website will showcase your products and services, your establishments, your team, and your contact information. In addition, thanks to WordPress, you will be able to make changes to your website’s content yourself. Our Web agency can also offer you the following options to further enhance your website’s effectiveness and productivity.


IP Telephony

Affordable, simple to install, and easy to administer, this technology allows for unified communications (long distance employees, fax or voicemail via e-mail, and instant messaging), a powerful tool that will improve your employees’ productivity.

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By incorporating e-commerce into your company’s strategy, you are making important progress because you will be able to do business in the biggest market in the world: the Internet. With our help, the solution is within reach and at a competitive rate, without any additional expenses. Would you like to schedule a meeting to learn more about online sales? Contact us today!


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of maximizing a website’s visibility in search results. It uses a set of techniques that improve the ability of Web crawlers (such as Google or Yahoo!) to understand the theme and the content of one or of all of your website’s pages, thus increasing their traffic.

The initial goal is therefore to determine which terms/queries will most likely lead people to your website. In other words, certain keywords are selected according to your activities and to your website’s potential traffic. If a keyword is too specific, it will not produce very much traffic; on the other hand, if a keyword is too general, it will create irrelevant traffic.

You are guaranteed significant traffic if you appear on the first page of Google’s search results. Approximately two-thirds of users select a result on the first page and rarely does anybody go past the third.



Our team takes care of all necessary upgrades in order for your website to function properly. We offer a maintenance service for your website in case of any problem that might result from our hosting services or from an upgrade to your website’s operating system. We can design a technical support plan according to your needs.



Google is a powerful resource: it has all the tools you need in order to work efficiently, conveniently gathered in one place. These tools also function just as well on a computer as they do on a mobile device or a tablet.

Let our experts explain the advantages of Google applications to you, which include Gmail for correspondence, a document editor for team and client collaboration, as well as secure storage for the first 30 gigabytes of company data.

Google applications also make it more convenient to create and modify elaborate spreadsheets: it can all be done via any smart device. Whether it be a simple to-do list or a more complicated task such as data analysis of a production or sales team, or progress reports supported by tables, it can all be done on your smart device.

Present your selling points or give a presentation on a manufacturing process thanks to Slide, a Google application that allows you to create presentations and modify them up until the last minute on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Be at the top of your game while giving presentations by captivating your audience and showcasing your team’s strengths.



Almost 80% of all traffic generated on a website comes from directories and search engines, so it is important for your company to have a marketing strategy based specifically on those search engines.

You can use SEO, but there’s also the option of buying certain keywords in order to appear at the top of the search results. While the choice of words to buy is very important, the follow-up is even more so. We offer you this service on an ongoing basis so that you receive the best return on your Internet marketing investment.